Why Choose ShowStoppers Teeth Whitening?

At ShowStoppers Teeth Whitening Studios, we use a three-step process that is the best teeth whitening in Allen.

The Science of What We do

Anatomy of the tooth and how teeth whitening works:

  • Whitening takes place in the dentin layer, not the surface.
  • Whitening agent must travel through pores in enamel to reach the dentin layer.
  • Best whitening agent is hydrogen peroxide.
  • Pores in enamel must be opened before peroxide can reach the dentin layer.
  • First peroxide gel application opens pores in the enamel.
  • Subsequent applications of peroxide reach dentin and release oxygen molecules that bleach stains.
  • Peroxide, no matter the strength, reaches its maximum potency after 15 to 20 minutes and it must be reapplied to begin working again. Maximum whitening is achieved in this three-step process.
  • We use a gingival barrier to assist in protecting your gums.

Our Prices

We believe in passing on our savings to the customer so they can experience professional teeth whitening at an incredible price. You can afford to have a beautiful white smile! ShowStoppers Teeth Whitening Studios offers the most affordable teeth whitening in Allen, with exceptional service and lasting results. Based on the results our clients are looking for, each teeth whitening session generally includes three 15 minute rounds of the teeth whitening process. Entire process takes about 60 minutes!

One Whitening Session:                                                                                                                                                                              $349

One Whitening Session: With Take Home Whitening Pen and Cheek Retractor                                                                                        $369

Best Value: Two Sessions: One For You and a Friend                                                                                                                               $450

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